Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does L.R.C. stand for?

A: L.R.C. is from the first three letters of  Lor Rueng Chai group.
Q: What does L.R.C. Thai Metal do exactly?
A: We purchase the recyclable non-ferrous metal and sell it. 
Q: How much does L.R.C. Thai Metal export per month?
A: The quantity is about 1000 MT per month.
Q: What is the product most exported?
A: Birch Cliff
Q: What countries L.R.C. Thai Metal export to?
A: We export to the countries in Asia such as China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and others.
Q: Dose L.R.C. Thai Metal sell the products in Thailand or only for exporting?
A: We also sell in Thailand 40% and export 60%

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