HEAD OFFICE :   1532/3 Wongsawang  Bangsue Bangkok 10800 Thailand 
ID : 0105538009610
COMPANIES :   L.R.C. Thai Metal Co., Ltd.

International Trade, Merchanting, Broking, Works Clearance, All Kings of Demolition, Dismantling, Reusable Iron and Steel Products Reusable Non-Ferrous Products, Processing: Searing, Baling, Cable Granulating Stripping, Processing Plants/Depots: Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Chonburi, Samutsakorn, Patumthani


All Kinds of Aluminium/Aluminium Alloys-Cast, Off Grade Alloy Ingot, Chopped Wire, Cuttings, Baled Cuttings, Extrusions, Old Rolled, Baled Old Rolled, Turnings/Boring/Millings, Irony Scrap, Ashes/Residues, Dross; Copper-Braziery, Bright Wire, Burnt Wire, Cuttings, Heavy, Turnings, Ashes/Residues; Brass Compressed Radiators, Sheet, Turning, Rod End, Dross, Cu-Ni Dross; Gunmetal Ash, Dross Cast Cuttings; Lead-Battery Plates, Whole Batteries, Cable Strippings/Sheet, Ashes/Residues; Nickle-Chromium (75% Ni), Nickle-Copper (66% Ni); Tin/Tin Alloy, Close-Cut Joints Pewter, Plumber's Solder, Solder Joints, Tinman's Solder; Solder Bar and Ingot White Metal, Tin/Tin Alloy Residues, Titanium-Cuttings, Pure Solids, Alloy Solids, turnings, Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys; Zinc/Zinc Alloys, Cuttings, Zinc High Purity and Alloy Off Grade Ingot, Diecast, Old Rolled, Ash/Residues; Reusable/Sheets, Rod Tubes, Ferrous: Used Construction Steel Cast Iron-Borings: Carbon Steel-Bales, Briqquettes Cutting, Turnings Reusable; Stainless Steel Bales Cuttings, Heavy, Solids, Turnings, Chipping Reusable Turnings; Alloy Steel, Electronic Scrap and Precious Metal Scrap

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